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MomZombie on the move

Hey! I’ve moved. You can find me here. Come on over. Stay a bit. I won’t bite.


‘Call me?!’

I had a revelation today:

Blogging is like an affair.*

It’s all “look at me.”  And then it’s all “ooh, I got flowers and chocolates.”

And for a while it’s a blur of excitement and wonder and learning.
It’s sneaking off with the laptop when you say you’re doing the laundry.

Then, things change. Something turns a little and you realize maybe you’re a little obsessed. Maybe your thighs really DO look like they’re stuffed with packing peanuts. Maybe the Internets just “isn’t that into you.”

Then things start to slow down a bit. The Internets spends the holidays with the family and you’re left with some wilting stats. Next thing you know you’re thinking about rabbits and boiling pots of water on the stove and …..

MomZombie is taking a short break to get some psychotherapy and clean her hard drive.**

*Not that I’ve had any affairs (husband I know you read this).
**Soon relocating to a new site.


Careful what you say …

When my Girl from the West was a babe in arms, I cooed a promise into one of her little pink ears:
“Mommy wants you to grow up to be whoever you want to be. I won’t be one of those mean mommies who forces her daughter to vote Republican or chastises her for not choosing the convent as a career choice.”

If my baby grew up to be a bald, lesbian shot putter, that would be OK. If she aspired to be a minimalist performance artist who wore nothing but sticks and grass and chose to live in a refrigerator box in the town square, great.
It’s not that I want her to grow into someone whose lifestyle puts her at risk for ridicule and persecution. But I told myself I’d let the blossom unfold as nature intended. No making a righty out of a lefty or anything.

However, life doesn’t always play out that way, does it?

Say your babe in arms edges closer to adulthood and suddenly begins taking on all of the characteristics you abhor? Say you are an atheist and she decides to become a Born-Again Christian. Say you are vegetarian and she decides to take up bow hunting? Say you are artsy and edgy and she prefers to try out for the cheer squad?

Get the drift here?

I see my baby spinning out of my orbit so fast I’m not sure I got the flight plan before she launched.

I can’t help but recall my teen years. What hopes did my parents have for me? What was the sound of those dreams as they collided with the reality of who I was becoming? I know one of the biggest collisions had to do with my continued failure to subscribe to their religion. To this day, almost 30 years after leaving their church, I still get subliminal messages that they are not pleased, thank you very much.

Thankfully I have a number of friends who’ve traveled this bumpy road of parenthood. Their advice to me is to stop asking so many questions already! I’ll get more answers if I listen.

So this is my challenge of late: I must cross the razor’s edge. I must keep some distance, lead by example, have eyes in the back of my head and keep my flippin’ mouth shut — most of the time.

"It's not the tragedies that kill us, it's the messes." --Dorothy Parker
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